Our Consulting Philosophy

Our group has been approached by a variety of venture capital firms, many from the cannabis industry, that are starting new corporations to bring psychedelics to market in the future. We were even approached by a boutique bank. This has been going on for well over a year behind the scenes.

The reality is that research on psychedelics is very expensive. Corporations have to do a lot of work to actually make money. They've got to figure out research, strategy, find a way to make money when the molecule is not patentable, raise funds and invest in the risk associated with not knowing when these substances will be legal, navigate policy and legal barriers, and more. It's not like they're just cashing in on something that's already done.


Big Pharma companies make money off medicine and alcohol companies make money off recreational substances. Why would this be any different?


As scientists first, the key to working with us is Open Science. We see it as a non-negotiable part of what we do and we mention this in every first meeting.

Open Science means that all of our hypotheses, protocols, and data will be made public and free for everyone. This matters because 1) our transparency means we are accountable and the everyone can trust us because we cannot hide anything or engage in fishy statistics and 2) it means that even if a pharma company were to swoop in, they could not put the cat back into the bag.

Open Science is the best way to beat bad science where scientists promote shoddy work to further their own careers. It's also the best way to make sure that a big pharma company cannot buy someone and squash research findings that might compete against their money-makers, which we know they have done in the past.

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